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Kevin Herklotz

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I'm a dedicated Frontend Developer who works as a Freelancer in Switzerland, mainly with React, TypeScript and Next.js. I really love clean and maintainable code, because I think it is a huge time and cost saver in the long run. I love to set up all the required tools to achieve a smooth developer experience. In my previous position at ricardo.ch I was the main driver for those tools and I also improved how we test, so we ended up with much more meaningful tests. I also love doing reviews, because it helps me and others to grow. If you want to know more about me, please reach out to me, I'm very happy to answer all your questions. Also check out my simple website for more insights about me: https://www.clean-code-kevin.ch/


135 CHF/h

Über mich

Senior Frontend Developer (React, Next.js, Typescript, Testing)

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